Kailaeria: Unbound

Byford Delimma

6 bonus reward points for everyone plus 1 for showing up = 7 reward points

Byford is a small hamlet of about 59 people… a little more of late

  • Precious metals

Alfdar – Mayor
Teron Creston (Female) – Inn Keeper & bard (Silver Song Inn)
Shayri (Female Kovar) – Shopkeeper (Bounty’s Pickaxe)

  • No goods worth 200 gp available
  • Limited amount of money available

1st Common, 2nd Kovar, Qhoti
Least common are Adaran

Alfdar spots the party coming into town

  • Asks if the party is coming to help?
  • Sashsa “To find Eric Helman… ?”

Collapse while expanding
Goblins drove out people trying to save people caught in cave in
Former miners were seen wandering around aimlessly days after the event

Alfdar says free room and 3 meals a day if the party is there to help

Art says he knows Alchemy and could help

Silver Song Inn @ dinner time

  • Plenty of Kovar and Humans
  • Everyone is drinking since there’s nothing else to do currently
  • Greeted by Teron

Art asks Teron for a contact about goblins and wandering miners

  • Talk to Alfdar. These guys haven’t gone back to the mine after stories of goblins capture people.

Art talks to random drunk about goblin

  • Lots of them have spears
    Art asks drunk about miners wandering aimlessly
  • Diplomacy roll
  • Miners attack if you get too close and don’t want to leave the mine
    Art buys drunk a cheap beer for 2 cp
  • Gets lead to talk to other group of miners

Art learns there are still survivors in the mine

Art tells party about his alchemist arrows

  • Sasha rolls Craft (Alchemy) and learns it’s alchemist fire

Kay swears to get vengeance if the mine collapse was an act of sabbotage

Art visits Bounty’s Pickaxe

  • It looks pretty sad and empty
  • Lots of mining equipment

Art lets Shayri know he’s here to help and asks for advice on what he might need

  • Shayri says her father was one of the miners caught in the initial collapse
    • Carried a silver locket, please return it if he’s no longer alive
      • Shayri gives Art a potion of cure light wounds as advanced payment for finding father
        Art sees arrows are available

Art feeds Donkey and then goes to bed for the night

Mines are a 45 minute walk from town

Art leaves behind his bedroll, iron pot, mess kit and alchemy kit

  • At a light load

Party goes to the mine

  • Not particularly perceptive

Art notices Dire Rats through the brush

  • “Giant rat things coming.”

Kay doesn’t see anything
Sasha casts Resistance on herself
Art studies Rat as a move action

  • Holds attack until within range

Kay notices one in the back failing to sneak

Dire Rats are at the edge of concealment due to plants

Kay goes to the edge of the brush and misses the rat
Sasha casts misfortune on the Dire Rat Kay is attacking
Art shoots and scares rat

Dire Rat bites Kay for 1 DAM
Sasha casts misfortune on the Dire Rat #2

  • Cackles to maintain misfortune on Dire Rat #1
    Art pulls out machete

Dire Rats miss

Kay misses
Sasha gives the evil eye to a rat and cackles
Art attacks a studied dire rat

  • 4 DAM

Dire Rats

Kay hits for 3 DAM
Sasha does Evil Eye on 2nd Dire Rat (-2 AC)
Art chops that Dire Rat for 5 DAM killing it

Dire Rat

Kay misses
Sasha does Evil Eye on last Dire Rat (-2 attacks)
Art misses

Dire Rat

Kay misses
Sasha keeps cackling
Art hits and does 6 DAM


Mouth of the mine

  • Some of the nearby area has tracks of a smaller humanoid

Kay leads the party to were the goblins were going

  • Finds goblin has been sprinting
    • Alone
    • Goblin dead body found partially eaten
      • Wolf tracks

Mine entrance

  • 20 foot wide
    Art knowledge (dungeoneering)
  • Everything looks solid

Party enters the cave

100 foot square room with 3 tunnels

1st tunnel

  • Rough terrain then 2 figure appear in the gloom
  • Art in the back notices them

Art brings attention to the party

  • Kay and Sasha still don’t see anything
    Art throws his torch in the general direction of the figures
  • He’s too weak to get very far
    • It still illuminates a miner staring at the wall

Miner reacts to the torch

Kay goes in to investigate

  • Miner has faint evil aura
    “How did you survive?”
    Art moves out of rough terrain and stands next to Kay

Miners mouths open and a horse growl comes out

  • Swings at Kay with an open clawed hand
    2nd miner attacks Art
  • No real expression

Sasha uses Evil Eye against miner against Kay

  • No effect because undead are immune to mind effecting
    Kay misses
    Art studies his target and then hits for 4 DAM
  • “I think they may be dead already and I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad.”

Miner hits Kay for 6 DAM

Sasha attempts to use Misfortune on Kay’s miner
Kay hits with sword and shield doing 4 DAM and 2 DAM

  • Knows these are basic zombies
    Art misses

Miner hits Kay despite Misfortune

  • 6 DAM

Sasha fails Misfortune on 2nd miner
Kay falls unconscious and keeps dying
Art hits for 3 DAM

Miner hits Art for 6 DAM

Sasha gives Guidance to Art and cackles
Kay continues dying
Art misses

Miner hits Art for 8 DAM

  • Art is at -2 HP and unconscious
    Miner attacks Sasha

Sasha runs away
Zombies follow to the difficult terrain, but the stop

Art stabilizes
Kay does not
Sasha directs her owl to fly around deeper in the mine to distract the miners

Sasha advances to the edge of the rubble

Sasha grabs the potion from Art

Kay spends the last of his reward points to stabilize

  • Fails to stabilize

Sasha gives healing potion to Kay 6 HP
Kay wakes up and staggers to his feet

  • Disabled

Zombie is caught between the owl and Kay

  • Gives his attention to Kay

Kay moves away
Miner attacks Sasha and kills her

  • No wait! Sasha runs away before miner can get her

Sasha tries to to pull Art at 190

  • Moves only at 5

Owl successfully distracts zombies long enough for Sasha to save Art

Tunnel was a dead end and zombies are disinclined to leave

Party goes back to town

  • Takes an hour and a half
    • Dire rat corpses have been munched on

Party staggers into the Silver Song Inn

  • Art “Good news and bad news…”

Teron sees offers each party member a healing spell

  • 1d8+2 for every

Art tells everyone about the “horde” of zombie miners and the “giant rats”

Doctor can “treats deadly wounds” heals 4 HP

  • Can only be done once every 24 hours
    Full day of rest and head out at noon for an 4 HP with healing attention

On the way back into the mine there’s a new set of goblin tracks going away into the woods

  • Art fails to track the bleeding goblin

Exploring 2nd tunnel

  • Kay falls in a 10′×10′ pit
    • Reflex save prevents him taking any damage
    • Makes lots of noise

Art and Sasha hear excited screeching from futher down the tunnel

Sasha casts Resistance
Art asks if Kay needs help getting out of the pit
Kay is terrible at climbing and almost pulls Art into the pit with him

Goblin with a javelin and dagger comes excited around the corner

  • Sees people not in the pit and screams back down the tunnel

Sasha casts Misfortune on goblin

2nd Goblin comes around the corner and throws Alchemist Fire at Art

  • Art takes 4 DAM

Art says insults goblin’s mother and shoots a goblin

  • Kills goblin for 4 DAM
    Kay falls prone trying to get out of the pit
    3rd goblin comes around the corner then retreats upon seeing his goblin ally die

Remaining goblin throws a javelin at Art, but misses

  • Goblin runs away

Kay burns for 4 DAM

  • Gets rope out to help Kay out of pit

Goblins are continuing to run away

Sasha uses Cure Light Wounds on Art

Art makes a running jump across the pit
Sasha takes a running jump across the pit

Kay keeps struggling to get out of the pit

  • It’s only a DC 10 climb check, but he’s not doing so well

Kay grabs the goblin javelins

There’s a fork in the mine

Art offers the rope to Kay

  • He still fails to get out of the pit

In 2 rounds, Art pulls Kay out of the pit


  • Goblin sized leather armor
  • Javelin
  • 2 gp 4 sp

Kay asks for directions to the goblins then pursues that direction

  • Kay finds a small mine area, but sees a corner that had a more of a collapse
    • Small opening where goblins carved an escape tunnel
      • Difficult terrain, slow movement for medium creatures

Goblins are digging through chests that are there

  • armed with javelins and normal daggers
    • Goblin readies alchemist fire

Sasha advances to be where Kay is
Art readies his bow and moves next to Kay

  • Sees Alchemist Fire, gets nervous and tries to shoot goblin before it can use it

Kay does total defense because of alchemist fire

Goblin without alchemist fire runs into the darkness
Other goblin throws flask then runs away

Sasha advances and throws her dagger (with light) into the darkness
Art advances despite lacking sufficient light
Kay charges and does 1 DAM

  • Goblin creates an attack of opportunity and Kay crits for 7 DAM

3 mats show the 3 goblins were staying in this room

Art fails to retrieve his missed arrow
Kay looks in the hole in the wall

  • half pace
  • Tunnel goes down and then curves

Goblin 3 got away


11 javelin
Nice quality weapon rack
Chests are filled with loot from previous pit victims

  • alchemist fire
  • 2 scrolls
  • Masterwork light steel shield
  • Great sword
  • Chain mail
  • 63 gp 125 sp

Sasha knows scrolls

  • Fireball
  • Magic Missile

Kay burns the goblins beds

Art goes the other direction of the fork and finds a zombie

Kay wears chain mail and uses masterwork light steel shield
Art pockets alchemist fire

Sasha gets close enough to try Misfortune, but fails

Kay leads the way to attack miner zombie

  • Charges and does 5 DAM
    Art simply moves and attacks and does 4 DAM

Kay misses
Zombie miner fumbles
Art hits for 4 DAM


  • Art notices a glint of worked metal in the rubble behind the miner

Kay digs it out an unlucky miner

  • Searching the miner


  • Silver locket
  • 5 gp
  • pick axe
  • Miner’s hat

Party crawls through goblin mine carefully

  • It’s not a cave, it’s worked walls. Goblins didn’t make this
  • Sasha knows this was an old Kovar stronghold
    • Kovars just closed it down and left
      • The mine collapse has connected them

Next time start on the main level of the Kovar stronghold

Advance to level 2 (to hopefully avoid total party kills)


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